Affiliation with Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council

The term Affiliation is used to define a process of establishing competence of any institution desiring of delivering vocational training from NSQF level 1 to 10 which is based on National Occupational Standards (NOS) based Qualification Pack (QP) created by a Tourism & Hospitality Skill Council (THSC) constituted by NSDC. Any Education Body/ Vocational Training provider (VTP) can seek affiliation from THSC in delivering the requisite elements of a NOS based vocational training. The affiliation process conducted by THSC through Skill India Portal will carry out evaluation of competence and availability of the desired infrastructure/ capability of creating the desired infrastructure matching the needs/ requirements of delivering NOS based training. The alignment of THSC and a VTP/ Education Body through the process of Affiliation will focus on learning and development of the learners so that they are easily employable in the sector. The process is also expected to encourage VTP/Education Body to pursue continual excellence so that they are always in tune with the requirements of the sector. Thus, the purpose of Affiliation is to maintain high standards of quality in delivering NOS based vocational training.

Some Benefits to Affiliated Training Partners

THSC by way of Affiliation will give access to the affiliating partners to a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Alignment of training to NSQF certifications.
  • Ratification of NOS based curriculum
    Access to Master Trainers of the THSC and certification of the trainers of the affiliating training provider.
  • Assist in On the Job Training (OJT) and / or Placements of the affiliating partner trainees
  • Assessment of trainees on NOS based curriculum.
  • Industry recognized Certification of the successful trainees.
  • Participation in Government led programs at institutional and state level, aligned to NSQF.
  • Access to the reports on the Sectorial Researches conducted by the THSC.
  • Participation in the various Sector Specific Seminars
  • Access to International bodies available in similar space

Institutions Eligible to Affiliate with THSC

  • Training Organizations/Institutions set up by NSDC funding
  • Training Institutions set up/affiliated by Government of India
  • ITIs/ITCs affiliated to NCVT
  • Institutions approved by Councils under Central Government like AICTE
  • College/ Institutes affiliated to a University set by Central or State/ UT Government or recognized by UGC
  • Schools / Institutes approved by Central or State Boards of Secondary Education (or equivalent) or Boards of Technical Education.
  • Any other institute set up by Central or State/ UT government
  • Private Training Institutions independently operating in Vocational Space
  • Training institutions set up by private companies to meet the skilled manpower requirement for in-house needs or for the sector
  • Company/Firm/Society/Trust – Any of the above fulfilling any of the following criteria
  • An organization providing training under Apprentices Act, 1961 for last one year from the date of submission of the application.
  • An organization registered in India, conducting business in the domain of skill development & training, having Permanent Income Tax Account Number (PAN) and Service Tax Registration Number and audited accounts of statements at least for last one year.