What is Worldskills?

World Skills create opportunities and connect societies. They are the foundation of economic progress. The Worldskills Standards Specification specifies the Knowledge, understanding and specific skills that underpin international best practice in technical and vocational performance. It should reflect a shared global understanding of what the associated work role(s) or occupational(s) represent for industry and business.

India Performance at Worldskills

Team India returned with the best performance at the WorldSkills International competition - Kazan 2019 by winning one Gold, one Silver, and Two Bronze Medals plus 15 Medallions of Excellence. India stood 13th and 49 countries this year against its position at 19th during WorldSkills - Abu Dhabi 2017. Hospitality skills participated in five skills and won Medallion of Excellence

WorldSkills Occupational Standards (WSOS)

Hotel Reception


Restaurant Service

Success Stories